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Hi. I've recently discovered that I love to adopt Cyber Pets and such. There are so many cute sites on the net. To adopt some of your own, click on the pet or, where applicable, the adoption certificate, but please don't steal mine!

my birthday bear     Vickie's Birthday Bears

I adopted my personalized Birthday Bear from Vickie. Just click on the logo to visit her site!

mr theodore kindheart

I adopted Mr. Theodore Kindheart from R.A.O.K. You can join R.A.O.K. and help spread kindness, too.

Jeff Gordon Bear     Cinderella's Castle & Prince Charming's Dungeon

zing       Cyber Mascots

Zing is my baby Panda bear. She comes from Cyber Mascots.


Aren't my Sleeping Angel Bear and my Heavenly Angel bear cute?

Dale Earnhardt Memorial Bear     Cinderella's Castle & Prince Charming's Dungeon

      Country Shelf Cancer Bears

I adopted this bear in honor of my Grandmother Patricia who is a breast cancer survivor!

      Tequila's Country Home

I adopted my Zodiac Teddy from Tequila's Country Home.


Angel Star's Globes

I adopted these beautiful bear snow globes from Angel Star.

Dancey Bear       Baby B. Bear

Bear-y Patch

rick and ruth       Rainbow Rick's Ranch and Adoption Agency

These bears are Rick and Ruth.


This is my Guardian Angel Bear.

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