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Hi. I've recently discovered that I love to adopt Cyber Pets and such. There are so many cute sites on the net. To adopt some of your own, click on the pet or, where applicable, the adoption certificate, but please don't steal mine!


This is Tarzan. He's a beautiful green macaw that I adopted from Cindy.

Pinky       Cyber Mascots

This is Pinky and she's my Florida Flamingo. Pinky comes from Cyber Mascots.

Scarlet></a>       <a href=Blueberry

These little birdies are named Scarlett and Blueberry. They come from Sheriberry Forest. You can click on the birds to adopt your own.

      Shy       Maisy and Cartoon

These little Bluebirds of Happiness are called Shy and Maisy. Maisy's little furriend is Cartoon.

Officer Mahoney       Parrot Police Web Page Protection

Officer Mahoney will protect this page and my others from evil! Adopt your own Parrot Protection Officer today!

Spooky       Cyber Mascots

This is Spooky and he's my old friend the Owl. Spooky comes from Cyber Mascots.


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Song is Rockin Robin

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