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I just love graceful butterflies. They are so beautiful and delicate. I've adopted some butterflies during my travels on the net, To adopt some of your own, click on the butterfly or, where applicable, the adoption certificate, but please don't steal mine!

Butterfly from RAOK

You can adopt this and many other pretty butterflies by joining Random Acts of Kindess.


These iridescent butterflies come only from Ice Dream's Picture Palace.

    Vickie's Shadowbox Adoptions

I adopted my Butterfly Shadowbox from Vickie's.

    Island Princess Butterfly Adoptions

This beautiful butterfly came from Butterfly Island.

Flutter       Cyber Mascots

Flutter was adopted from Cyber Mascots.



Graphics by:

Graphics by DaBee

Song is Bob Carlisle's Buttefly Kisses

© 2001 Terri H