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I just love cats. Of course, since I own 2 black cats, everyone knows I'm partial to black kitties. Midnight is an 8 year old long haired male. He was born on October 31, 1992. Luv is a 1 year old medium haired black male with a long fluffy tail like a quirrel! He was born in May 2000. These are some of my cyber kitties. Please don't steal mine! You can click on their logos to adopt some of your own.

    Vickie's Shadowbox Adoptions

I adopted my Kitty Shadowbox from Vickie's.

    The Shop Around the Corner

I adopted my Kali, my Calico Kitty from The Shop Around The Corner.

Moira       katnip creek adoptions

Moira, my kitty fairy, came from Katnip Creek Adoptions.

      Camomile's Balloons

My pretty kitty balloon came from Camomile.

Sierra       Cyber Mascots

Sierra is my little siamese kitten. She comes from Cyber Mascots.

      Camomile's Shadow Box Adoptions

My Kitty and Fairy Shadowbox came from Camomile.


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Graphics by DaBee

Song is Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

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