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Happy Easter. These are my Easter 2001 adopted cyber pets. To adopt some of your own, click on the pet or, where applicable, the adoption certificate, but please don't steal mine! Like my personalized Easter shelf? You can get one too. Just visit:

      Easter Fairy

I adopted this adorable Easter Fairy from Camomile

Easter Basket      

I found my Easter Basket full of Eggs at RAOK.


I got my Personalized Easter Bunny from Brittany. Isn't she cute??

      Easter Balloon       Easter Balloon

Camomile also has lots of great balloons for Easter and other ocassions.


I adopted my Lil Chick from Kid's Domain!

Easter Fairy      

I adopted my Easter Fairy from Angel!

Eden, the Easter Goddess      

I adopted my Eden, my Easter Goddess from Angel!

    Vickie's Shadowbox Adoptions

If you'd like to adopt a cute shadowbox for your page, just click the logo above!

    Gaby's Presents

My daughter sent me this cute egg from Gaby's Presents. You can send one to someone you love, just click on her logo.!

      Enchanted Hollow

I adopted my Limited Edition Easter Fairy from Enchanted Hollow.

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