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I love faeries.
I love the lore and legends.
I've recently begun building a faerie page and adopting faeries.
If you'd like to adopt some faeries too, click on the
adoption certificates with each faery.

lady light       Ice Dreams

Isn't Lady Light adorable? I adopted her from Ice Dreams.

losse       coire       nisse       elena

Losse, Coire, Nisse and Elena are beautiful little faeries who hail from Michyland Adoptions. You can click on the logo to adopt your own faeries.

Losse is elven for "blossom." Coire means "lovely" and Nisse means "womanly." Elena means "of the stars."


My Fairy Teardrop came from Debbii's

laire       silvasa       calima       uriel

Laire, Silvasa, Calima, and Uriel also hail from Michyland.

Laire is elven for "summer" and Silvasa is "the shine of the sun." Calima means "glowing" or "bright" and Uriel is elven for "fire."  

Michyland Adoptions

      Lady Camomile

I adopt my Fairy in A Crystal from Camomile.

cullafinda       airawen       laureafinda

Cullafinda, Airawen, and Laureafinda, all hail from Michyland, too.

Cullafinda means "red haired", Airawen means "pure" and Laueafinda means "golden haired."

Michyland Adoptions

      Lady Camomile

I adopt my Fairy in A Bottle from Camomile.

      Cranky Angel

I adopt my Precious Pixie from Cranky Angel Adoptions.


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