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Welcome to my page of fun stuff.  Here are some of the fun gifts I've received, parties I've attended online, surveys' and more!  Click the banner's to visit the original sites~


Danced with Faires

Played Memory

I Found The Necklace!

Tiny Fairy Gift

Take the quiz: "What Kind Of Magical Creature Are You?"


You are a dark and mysterious soul...

Take the quiz: "What Disney Princess Are You?"

You love you family (what's left) dearly, and you're a bookworm. Get your head into the world darlin'

Take the quiz: "Who is your famous soul mate? (For Girls)"

Orlando Bloom've gotten Orlando Bloom! A romantic English man that loves to recite lucky can you get? (Just so you know, Orlando's mine!!)

Take the quiz: "Which Magical Dark Creature Are You?"

You are damn sexy you hot, hot midnight lover you - I love you. In folklore you are a corpse that rises from the grave during the night, and for nourishment or pleasure sucks the blood of humans. Various talismans and herbs supposedly avert vampires, but, according to tradition, they can be destroyed only by cremation by stakes driven through their hearts. You like people to have high or even intimidated feelings towards you. You love to gloat - but pretend to be modest. Definitely the slyest and most elegant of all of the creatures, your dark mystery and painful passion attracts all to your bed and mouth. Marry me you hot beast.

Visited Fortune Teller

Take the Marilyn Monroe Test and find out which character from her movies you are!

Which Greek Goddess are you?  Take the quiz and find out!











Artwork İCris Ortega. Used with permission.