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These are all my May adoptables and horoscopes. My birthday is May 9.

May Unicorn Certificate

Emerald came from The Site Fights.

emma       DRealm of the Fairies

Emma is the May Birthday Fairy I adopted from The Site Fights - DRealm of the Fairies.

my birthday bear     Vickie's Birthday Bears

I adopted my personalized Birthday Bear from Vickie. Just click on the logo to visit her site!

Maybelle       Angel's Faerie of the month

Maybelle is another May Fairy. I adopted her from Angel.

My birthstone       Cinderella's Castle & Prince Charming's Dungeon

I adopted my Cinderalla Emerald from Cinderella and Prince Charming. The emerald is my birthstone.

      Tequila's Country Home

I adopted my Zodiac Teddy from Tequila's Country Home.

Isn't my Eyeore Horoscope cute? I adopted it from Affiniti. You can adopt a Pooh horoscope of your own by clicking on mine!

      Cyberstones by Deanna

I got my May cyberstone from Deanna.


I adopted my Birthstone Sparkle Plate from Lisa.

My May Cartoon Doll came from Louise's Lodge


Graphics by Tafie

Amy Brown Art

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