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Hi. I've recently discovered that I love to adopt Cyber Pets and such. There are so many cute sites on the net. To adopt some of your own, click on the pet or, where applicable, the adoption certificate, but please don't steal mine! This is my page of more unusual adoptables. Everyone has faeries, kittens, puppies, bears, guardians, etc, but these adoptables are a little different.


I adopted Inky the Inchworm from Cindy. Isn't he just adorable?.

Ladybug Adoptions      

This is Mrs. Spot, my Ladybug.


bottle babies

I adopted my Bottle Babies from Ice Dreams. Aren't they sweet? I couldn't choose just one! LOL - so I had to adopt two.

Kissy Fish     Cinderella's Castle & Prince Charming's Dungeon

I adopted my Funny Fishy from Cinderella & Prince Charming!

      Adopt A LuvBug

I adopted my luvbug from Pansy's Place.


I adopted my Bee from Cinderella and Prince Charming.

I adopted my Y2K bug from Snowbliss's Page of Wonder.

© 2001 Terri H