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This page is for my adopted Mythological Creatures. You'll find Unicorns, Pegasus, Centaurs, dragons and more here.

Cloudy     Web Brawls Mystical Unicorn

I adopted Cloudy from Mystical Unicorns. Isn't he an adorable little unicorn?

Unicorn Guardian       Centuar

Adopt Your Centaur Here

My Unicorn and Pegasus Guardians also came from Enchanted Hollow. Just click on the logo to visit.

Glory       Lady Hipoo's Adoptions

My unicorn hatchling came from Lady Hipoo.

stargazer       sunlight

Michyland Adoptions

Stargazer and Sunlight were both born in Michyland. Aren't they sweet?

serenity     Shakila

Serenity and Shakila were adopted from Elf Girl


Adopt a Pegasi

Sugar and Spice were adopted from Liland.

I adopted Dreamy from Nightstorm Stables

      Moonstone Wehr

Berakhiah is a Twilight and was adopted from Moonstone Wehr. According the the adoption officer Twilights are "a different species of unicorn, and much more rare than their white counterparts. Because of their coloring, both the gold of the sun and dark of the night, these are called "Twilights". They most often appear alone, the one to the left during the times of dusk and the one to the right during the wee dawn hours. Occasionally the find a special human soulmate to bond with, but it is not often. Like all unicorns, they bring purity from poisions as well as calmness and gentleness. Unlike fellow white unicorns, they also bring the peace of a hard day finally ended or the promise of new day of hope."


Song is The Last Unicorn.

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