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Elves are another legendary creature which I have come to believe in. Webster's Dictionary defines an elf as a "a tiny, often mischievous fairy". An elven face is characterized by its almond-shaped eyes and sharp features. Elves are known to be very agile, but their slim build makes them rather frail. Since elves are descendants of the faerie, they are blessed with sight in the dark. Elves also tend to live to an older age than others and therefore live worry-less lives. You an adopt some elves for your pages by clicking on the certificates or logos with each elf.

Silverleaf       jewel

Blackberry Island Elves

Silverleaf and Jewell are elves from Blackberry Island - a magical place on the web. You should visit there someday.

Gnomes are usually an average of 15 centimeters tall, including their cap. Gnome children love to play many games. They tend to live in hilly meadows and rocky woodlands. Their small size makes them wary of larger races, though gnomes are not hostile unless the larger folk are evil. It is said that gnomes are great lovers of gems and sparkling items. They are known to constantly be digging up and hiding away vast amounts of treasure.


Elf Girl

I adopted Seamus from Elf Girl (actually - my cat Midnight adopted Seamus for his page, but then I decided to put him here instead! LOL). He's such a wonderful little gnome that I fell in love with him.

mist       Blackberry Island Elves

Mist also comes from Blackberry Island. Blackberries are my favorite fruit, so of course I love Blackberry Island.

Ara       Rising Sun Adoption Center

Ara was adopted from the Rising Sun Adoption Center. She's a fortune teller Elf. Ara is elven for Dawn.

Mire       Adopt A Whimsey by Krista

Mire was adopted from the Krista's Adopt a Whimsey. She's a darling little elf. Mire means Ruby in the elven language.

Randolf       Elroy

Randolf and Elroy both hail from The Dark Woods of Morion.


Song is Enya - Bardsong.

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