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I love faeries.
I love the lore and legends.
I've recently begun building a faerie page and adopting faeries.
If you'd like to adopt some faeries too, click on the
adoption certificates with each faery.

Peach Blossom       Cerylia


These two beautiful fairies are Peach Blossom and Cerylia.

Jasmine       Yakchat's

The lovely Jasimine was adopted from Yakchat's.

Failka       Yakchat's

Failka, my water lily fairy, was also adopted from Yakchat's.

Fire Fly Fairy       Yakchat's

My Firefly Fae, was also adopted from Yakchat's.

Fairy Wand       Fairy Dust


Every fairy needs a wand and a bag of fairy dust.

Flutter Back       Wish you were home?       Fly Ahead

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